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Vanguard has been one of the best experiences of our life.

Our daughter had a terrible experience at the public school she attended. In sixth grade, the girls were downright cruel to her. She simply did not fit in any of their “clicks." They said she wore the wrong clothes and shoes (they didn’t come from North Star Mall). She didn’t speak like them (she has never been allowed to name call or curse), etc. One girl even threatened her life. My daughter’s grades were terrible. Her self esteem was very low. She cried all the time. We sent her to Sylvan Learning Center to help her academically and they told me about Vanguard. My daughter visited Vanguard one day and never wanted to return to the public school. There were no “cliques” at Vanguard. There was no problem with the clothes she wore because everyone wore uniforms. Name calling and cursing is simply not tolerated at Vanguard so that problem went away. Within one week of attending Vanguard my daughter was happy. Her self esteem improved drastically and her grades were back up where they should have been. (I believe this is due to the one-on-one attention she received in a smaller 

classroom.) She graduated from Vanguard and had a very easy transition from high school to college. Vanguard is surely tops in our books!



I did not always like Vanguard Christian Institute. I thought that they were prejudiced toward me, and didn't want me to have any fun. I knew the direction I wanted to go, and I felt the school and, its staff, were holding me back. I fought my parents over going there; wisely, they let me live and learn. I got my wish and went back to public school, and soon I realized my decision was leading me into trouble. I chose to return to Vanguard for my senior year, and they welcomed me back with open arms. I graduated in 1994, and enlisted in the Air Force in 1995. In 1999, my childhood dream was realized as I was hired on with the San Antonio Fire Department. I earned a degree from San Antonio College in 2003. I see now that I was the one not giving Vanguard a chance, and that I was holding myself back.

I love the Vanguard staff with all my heart, and truly admire their 

dedication! Every member of the faculty possesses character, devotion, 

courage under fire, and unrelenting love that only a Christ centered staff 

can provide.



Words are so small when trying to describe the wonderful things that 

have happened to our child's life as a result of the time spent as a 

student at Vanguard Christian Institute. For the first time in his life he was also considered academically doing well. The small class environment fostered learning in a way that he was never able to experience in public school.

The love, support,and Christian examples he saw in his teachers and staff at Vanguard will never be able to be measured. To be told that your child is important to a school is one thing, but to be shown every day that your child is priceless. Our whole family has been blessed because God led us to Vanguard. Our child left Vanguard fully equipped to go on to college and carry on with the rest of his life. Still almost 3 years later, the staff he met at Vanguard are an important part of his life. We were told after graduation that our son was not just there as a student but  that he was important after he graduated as well. That has shown to be true even today. Words could never express our gratitude.



As a parent of four children (ranging in age from eight to twenty-two 

years) we have learned how individual each child is created. With that 

individuality, we all possess strengths and weaknesses that make us 

unique and valuable. We do not believe in the "cookie cutter" approach to teaching and/or learning.  It is impossible to teach every child the same content, in the same manner.  Our family came to Vanguard Christian Institute for that  very reason.  We became disenchanted with the public school system's unfulfilled promises to "Leave No Child Behind."  That frustration coupled with the fact that we believe a Christ-centered school offers a more conducive environment for learning, prompted us to search for a different experience for our children.  Vanguard has become our "Home Away from Home."  It is not just an institution, but also a haven for those who seek something more for their children.  Some might believe that because we do not have a highly competitive athletic department, or multi-million dollar state of the art facilities that our children are missing out on something.  We believe those things are not priorities.  Knowing that your child is surrounded by people who make great sacrifices to include the Word of God in their teaching is like receiving a gift every day.  Knowing that your children are safe, happy, confident, and loved is the most reassuring feeling in the world.  Knowing that your child is accepted just for who he/she is creates a satisfaction that cannot be easily described.  Knowing that the one true thing that you don't want your child to miss out on, Jesus Christ is never left out of their daily experiences at school makes all the doubts and questions disappear.  We are forever grateful that we found a place that our children look forward to going everyday.


Kimberly & Robert


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