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It is our prayer that this message will reach students who sense God's call on their lives to become Vanguards, explorers for others to follow. A Vanguard goes where others will not, seeing what others cannot.  Simply put, a Vanguard is a leader; and the 21st century certainly needs leadership.  


Vanguard is a Christian school established for the purpose of equipping our next generations with the tools and resources necessary for successful Christianity.  We are here to train future leaders.  We have dedicated ourselves to this purpose.  


At Vanguard, education starts with character and proceeds toward academics. A person whose heart is right desires to learn.  A Vanguard cannot be stopped from learning!


We at Vanguard are looking for young people who want to do more than simply follow the crowd.

We are looking for students who want to be different, who want to make an impact on society by leaving it better than they found it. We are looking for young people that God is calling to become Vanguards.


Are you a Vanguard?

If so, come and join us in our quest for abundant life and learning in the 21st century!


Dr. Walter Tracy, Jr.


Dr. Walter Tracy, Jr.

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