To register, download the forms below, read through the handbook, and

contact the office. 

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays to Homeschoolers
11am - 4pm on Vanguard Campus
Additional hours available - see below. Starts September 14th.
Vanguard is introducing the Enrichment Program this year.
We are still working out all of the details. Please contact our office with any questions.

Registration - $50 per family


Monthly Tuition (1st - 12th) for 11am-4pm Enrichment Program

$125 for 1st child

$100 for each additional sibling (PreK and Kinder exceptions)


Monthly Tuition (1st - 12th) 8:30-4pm schedule 

Students in enrichment program may choose additional morning academic classes on Tuesday/Thursdays. This tuition allows students to arrive any time before 11am to take 1-3 classes with Vanguard students. Contact the office for more information. 

$275 for 1st child

$250 for additional siblings 1st-6th grade only 

Jr High and High School student tuition on this full day program cannot receive multi-child discounts. 

Monthly PreK and Kinder Tuition

PreK and Kinder students are encouraged to attend 8:30am - 4pm.

Vanguard does allow exceptions for homeschool families with multi-age students. Families with older students enrolled in Enrichment Program may choose to all arrive at 11am. In these cases, tuition for PreK and Kinder is $125 monthly without discount for multi-siblings. 

PreK/Kinder students with no other siblings enrolled in the enrichment program must arrive at 8:30am, and tuition is $200 monthly. 

Add Academic Classes$100 monthly tuition per academic class

Homeschool students may also take academic classes on campus throughout the week. (not just Tuesday/Thursday)

Contact the office for more information.


Enrichment Program Possibilities: 


Home Economics

Gardening and Animal Care

Bible/Character Training/Apologetics





Science Lab


Art and Science Fairs

Theater Productions

and so much more...

Vanguard has always supported and worked with homeschool families in our community. With this in mind, we are happy to announce our Homeschool Enrichment Program this year. We will include a variety of classes and activities. Examples are listed above and subject to change during the school year. This program is designed to provide extra curricular opportunities, academic classes, character growth, and fellowship to homeschool families.