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Vanguard is an elementary and secondary Christian school founded in 1985 by the congregation of Christian Character Ministries, Inc. The vision for this education ministry was to design and provide a unique schooling environment for their children. Great personal sacrifices were made by the staff to see the school established; and many were the times God made his support obvious. The dream became a reality that eventually reached children and parents outside the immediate body.


The first graduating class in 1991 had ten students. Some of Vanguard’s graduates to date include: teachers, firefighters, office and business managers, civil engineers, anthropologists, military personal, home schooling mothers, medical professionals, ministers, film industry technicians, and other professionals. Vanguard students have frequently chosen service related occupations. Over 95% of our graduating students attend college.


From the beginning, the heartbeat of Vanguard has been to prepare young people academically and spiritually to be successful, Godly citizens, capable of positive contribution to our society. Vanguard has been a directing force in the lives of many students. Emphasis on Christian values and character combined with a strong, traditional academic curriculum prepares students for challenges after high school. Young people enrolled at Vanguard are encouraged to look to Christ as their example and to the Bible as their guide. Teachers set this precedent before the student body and are actively involved with the children.


Students at Vanguard represent most of the major denominations. Christian Character Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational church. Teachers at Vanguard believe that every child is a unique person with individual strengths, weaknesses, talents, and personality. The mission is to see each student find a measure of success, thereby developing a healthier, stronger adult. Opportunities range from playing on sports teams and participating in contests to projects enabling the child to realize his or her interests. Vanguard does not limit participants according to level of talent. The student is nurtured and talents are cultivated in every possible situation. Necessary time is devoted to this and also to finding solutions for existing academic needs.


Vanguard’s teachers focus on areas where students need encouragement and as a result frequently find resolutions for existing academic problems. The school’s success has been notable. Teaching academics and life-skills are responsibilities taken very seriously by the teachers and staff at Vanguard. There is constant ministering to the students. Typically, children are tested and tried as they face the challenges of maturing. Vanguard’s teachers direct and encourage their students as they grow in Christ. Children accepted for enrollment are loved and given personal attention, with the goal being to make a difference in this generation. Various means are employed to accomplish this, always with the development of the whole child in mind. With Christ as the author of faith, Vanguard Institute purposes to give its students the tools necessary to function in a challenging world and enable them to be a light to others in their generation.

At the end of 2020, Vanguard made the decision to move all of our ministry programs to our Bandera campus where we have been hosting camps for years. We are in a time of renovation and building for the future. Vanguard began classes in September 2021 on the Bandera campus and will continue to prepare our campus for what we are believing is an even better facility for ministry. We are excited about the future and will continue to announce our new changes over the next years.  

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