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Be a Part of our Renovations

We are working all summer around the clock to convert our camp into a school campus. Check out the pictures above to see some of our progress. Many have asked if we need help and when. We will be ready to start school on September 13th if we need to pull some "all-nighters," but we could definitely use some help! If you would like to work together with us to make this happen, please contact the number below or click to email us through the website.


Below is a list of projects that we are working on...

General cleaning



Installing drop ceilings, doors, outlets, AC and duct work, windows

Insulating walls 

Removing/adding baseboards and walls

Replacing toilets

Replacing bathroom stalls

Closing in doorways

Adding doorways

Dividing a bathroom into 2 rooms

Level a portable building foundation

Deck construction

Concrete slab work 

Building an awning 

Please call/text Trish Parker with any questions 210-852-1007 or click below to email us. 

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